Articles & Reports

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Book Chapters

Ch3: How Documents Engage Readers’ Thinking and Feeling. From Karen Schriver’s Dynamics in Document Design: Creating Texts for Readers.


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Slides & Videos

“Improve Your Value at Work: Using Evidence to Influence Decision Making” – part of a closing keynote to the Society for Technical Communication

“Designing Plain Language Guidelines Internationally” – presented to the European Commission for the Clear Writing Awards

“Plain by Design: Evidence-Based Plain Language” – presented as part of a keynote to the International PLAIN Conference

“Reading on the Web: Implications for Online Information Design” – keynote presented to the Ljubljana Museum of Architecture and Design


Podcasts & Podcast Transcripts

Plain Language around the World

Plain Language: It’s about Smartening Up, Not Dumbing Down (HLOL: #149)

Using Design to Get People to Read and Keep Reading